Our Story

Why We Started Digital Deals

The world is a complicated place. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning we are bombarded with information. The question of checking our smartphones and devices in the morning is not a question of if, but of when. It’s safe to say we begin our scrolling for the day before we have our morning coffee. All day, we are checking social media, text messages, news feeds, and emails. The ads we see are custom designed for us based on the things that interest us. We pour through the internet for the things we want to buy, from site to site, looking at reviews and deals. Usually, we end up more confused than ever,

That is why we created Digital Deals. We wanted to create a space online where the world makes sense, a place where the information is simple, clear, and most importantly helpful. We made it our mission to sift through the web and find the best online deals on health products. Your health can benefit from the simplicity of the advice and deals we carefully curate right here. It is a special selection of the best the web has to offer, and it takes us hours of research, scrolling, and clicking to save you time and stress. (We’ve made it to the last page in a google search more than once!).

Imagine you are looking for an effective iron supplement. In one scenario, you spend days online clicking from one website to another. You look at a bunch of retail websites, peruse the reviews on each different product, and do a deep dive on a relevant Reddit forum. You close your laptop in utter defeat, more confused than ever. ‘Perhaps I should just give up’ you wonder.

Now imagine a new scenario. You still need the iron supplement, but you click on Direct Deals, search for iron supplements, and are presented with the best deals online. All the research is done for you and you can buy the one you like straight away. Your convenience in the pursuit of health and wellbeing is our priority.

That second scenario is what drives the team here at Digital Deals to work hard simplifying the internet for you. Enjoy great health with the best products across the web. Enjoy extra money in your pocket from the amazing deals. And enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the best deal is yours for the taking without losing precious time finding it yourself. Digital Deals have you covered

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