How to Find the Best Herbal Health Teas at the Best Prices.

We’re about to spill the tea; In more ways than one. Herbal teas are more popular than ever. The soothing ritual of steeping your favourite blend of herbs into a delicate brew is a cultural pastime. Humans have been enjoying tea for hundreds of years. Not only is enjoying a high-quality tea a relaxing way to spend a Wintery afternoon, but it’s also amazingly good for your health. With all kinds of blends for all kinds of purposes, herbal tea is an important part of health and wellbeing. Here at Digital Deals, we’ve noticed a huge surge in the number of herbal teas on the market and we know what you’re thinking.

How can I find the right herbal tea for me?

Stick around. This is for you. Pour yourself a cuppa and pop your feet up. Here are our tips for finding the best herbal teas at prices you can savour.

Look for tisanes.
Herbal teas are different from regular teas. They contain no caffeine, are made from different plants to regular teas, and often have medicinal purposes. The word for this is ‘tisane’, and this term encapsulates hot and cold infusions for therapeutic benefits. A tisane is a more correct way to label a herbal tea.

Searching for tisanes instead of herbal teas is a good way to weed out the substandard lower quality tea products. A good quality tisane will usually be made by a naturopath and will have maximum therapeutic benefits. A tisane may be more expensive at the point of sale; however, the quality and benefits of the tea will be well worth the expense. A cheaper mass-produced herbal tea will often be a diluted blend lacking any significant health benefits. In this case, the more expensive tisanes will be better value in the long term.

Outstanding Organics.
Organic ingredients in your tisane are non-negotiable. Write it down on your list and be ready to break up with any teas that don’t source 100% of their ingredients from organic harvests. The presence of pesticides and other chemicals in tisanes can cause problems related to toxicity. A tea made from only organic materials is always best for your health and your finances. Your body deserves the best medicine, leave the chemicals out of it, and focus on the natural healing power of plants.

Do it yourself.
When choosing a herbal tea or tisane, the distance between the harvest location and you should be as small as possible. This ensures the best price and the best possible quality. The closest location is always your own backyard. Why not grow your own herbs for herbal tea yourself? You don’t need much room and you’re sure to enjoy the wellbeing that comes from growing your own produce. Planet Eco has a great starter kit for less than $25. You could be sipping your chamomile tea straight from your own garden.

Tisanes and herbal teas are the best way to enrich your life, your health, and even your garden. Enjoy a cup of wellbeing today!

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